Reasons We Keep Playing Lottery

Why we play lotteries? One of the reasons to play lottery is just because some of us treat lotto as entertainment. Lottery brings peculiar satisfaction and thrill, especially, when you can say ‘goodbye’ to your money with no regrets. There is one important rule to follow for those who want to play the lottery: do it when you can afford losing money. Lotto as entertainment is possible when you can simply enjoy the process.

There are so many variations of the lotto game while the reasons to play lottery seem to be the same for any century and country. No matter what perspectives of lottery win people have in their minds, there are six recurring factors to explain why we play the lottery. These are as follows: availability bias and lottery, big lottery dream, lottery enthusiast, lottery near miss, lottery player’s fallacy, lotto as entertainment.

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Sports and Lottery

Buying a lottery ticket, you and we contribute to the development of national sports, and also provide help and support for those who are in desperate need of it.

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